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Welcome all to Century Park College

Dear Students and Guardians

Welcome to Century Park College. As the Principal, I am a member of an extraordinary educational community. At Century Park we are committed to working together to provide a quality learning environment in which all students learn and develop their maximum potential. We provide exciting and creative learning experiences for students who are interested in exploring new ways to learn, grow and achieve their potential. We provide a combination of high expectations, efforts, interest and motivation for learning to take place.

At Century Park College, we help struggling students succeed by maintaining a social and academic community that is defined by mutual respect, support and acceptance. Counseling and classroom experiences are created by a highly skilled professional staff using a combination of individualized and collaborative learning methods. Learning is an active partnership between students and lectures. Century Park College community members also have equal opportunities to be heard and valued. We enjoy a rich and exciting College culture by encouraging each other to develop and share our individual gifts and talents.

I am proud to be part of a unique College community whose members are learning about personal responsibility, academic responsibility, accountability to community and the joy of achieving independence.

For students searching for something different- you have found it! The members of Century Park College community are waiting to give you the best that we've got and help you learn how to give the same in return.